February 26, 2024

561 Night Market Offers Camaraderie and Unconventional Commerce  

student getting a haircut at the 561 Night Market

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West Palm Beach, Fla. (February 27, 2024) On Friday, February 16, Palm Beach Atlantic University’s (PBA) highly frequented Rinker Green underwent a temporarily eclectic transformation for the 561 Night Market.

The second annual 561 Night Market lined the turf with pop-up canopies housing student-owned and operated businesses. As some students found themselves gladly transfixed by the alternating bands passionately playing rock and roll music, others perused handmade jewelry and rummaged through assortments of ‘thrifted’ articles.  

Andrew Ciprian, owner of the skate-wear brand Skribble NYC, was ecstatic about having the opportunity to participate in the Market, sharing that he “really likes getting to create things that [he] makes with other people.”  

“Getting to sell somebody something that makes them smile [is a] really good feeling,” shared Ciprian.  

Across the lawn, hardworking businessmen Mark Hannah, a student barber known as “Blender Boy,” and finance student Carson Quinn toiled diligently into the night, offering the dissimilar yet necessary commodities of haircuts and paper Scantrons.   

While Hannah churned through his barber waiting list, Quinn shared his heartfelt desire to “help students.”  

“I know how hard it is to find Scantrons,” said Quinn, “sometimes people only need one or two.”  

The 561 Night Market was facilitated by PBA’s Steering Committee, a team of upperclassmen dedicated to ensuring students enjoy their college experience through the creatively precise planning and execution of events such as January’s Coffee-House World Tour and the Market.   

 Steering member Amber-Jean Boykin, a junior at PBA, described the market event as “a great success.”  

“We had a lot of vendors come out,” Boykin shared before adding that both sellers and buyers alike were “super excited” to participate in the communally commercial festivities.   

You can see the list of upcoming events at PBA here. To learn more about getting involved in student activities and leadership positions, click here. 



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